Commercial open web steel truss roof safely can carry new air conditioning unit

Commercial open web steel roof trusses and main I beams

3D STAAD PRO model after addition of new make up air conditioning unit of a commercial building in NE of Calgary. The open web steel joists are HSS steel sections with bracing of bottom chords at the middle and end of roof trusses. The roof was safely capable of carrying the new air conditioning unit.

Steel building structural assessment near Calgary city limits

Steel farm building in Foothills Alberta

A previous steel farm building is structurally assessed by AERZ Consulting Inc. using current Alberta building code to change building occupancy and use. The building is 41 ft long by 33 ft wide by 20 ft ridge height. Building and foundations were assessed at the Municipality of Foothills in Alberta; very close to Calgary city limits. The main building steel frames are tapered welded wide flanges while purlins and girts are cold formed Z sections. Dead loads, snow loads, wind and earthquake loads were applied to the building and building elements checked against such loads and there load combinations. The structural analysis and design checks were performed using STAAD PRO software.