Residential assessment and inspection at NE of Calgary

Residential assessment and inspection in CalgaryAnother residential assessment and inspection at NE Calgary, Alberta where a utility contractor cut holes in a wooden I-joist incorrectly. AERZ civil structural consulting Inc. prepared a report stating damages to joists and their severity on the floor and house and effect on the future. Necessary structural analysis and assumptions were carried on by AERZ consulting engineer for the previous reasons.

AERZ consulting Inc. also provided structural recommendations for fixing the situation taking into considerations the existing conditions of structural elements, architectural elements and  available utilities close to damaged Nordic I joists.

It is important to use a qualified contractor and consult a structural engineer if needed before having holes cut in beams, rims and joists.

Construction inspection for Steel Building near Okotoks, Alberta

AERZ civil structural consulting Inc. had prepared a construction inspection report for steel building near Okotoks, Alberta. The building is 70 feet long by 40 feet wide by 24 feet eave height.

steel-building near Okotoks Alberta

Also  we prepared drawings for the mezzanine in the building after checking the as built conditions and checking the current mezzanine structure design is safe and satisfy the Alberta building code structurally, CSA steel design standards CSA-S16,  concrete design standards CSA-A23.3, Engineering design in wood standard CSA-O86 and Canadian foundation manual. There were design changes that were not incorporated in the old design drawings.

There was a need to study and check the interaction between the mezzanine and the steel building that was laterally supporting the mezzanine. Therefore a STAAD PRO model was prepared for this previous reason.

steel building and mezzanine


Inspection integrity of house after removing of wall by contractor

inspection of house integrity in Sundance area of Calgary Alberta

AERZ consulting Inc. has inspected structural integrity of a house after removal of wall by contractor at Sundance area in Calgary, Alberta. Luckily removal of wall did not affect the house and the wall was not a bearing one. It is important to consult a structural engineer before removal of walls in your house. The contractor installed a beam after removal of wall which will tie the remaining walls and keep the lateral resistance intact. It is important not to engage the beam in carrying the roof loads if wall removed was not a bearing wall. It is expected that roof might deflect under snow loads during winter and causes over-stress in the beam and bearing studs.

Commercial unit roof assessment in SE Calgary

Wooden steel open web truss_commercial unit-SE-Calgary

AERZ civil structural consulting Inc. has done structural assessment of a commercial unit roof at south east Calgary. The owner of the commercial wanted to add a new heavy HVAC unit on top of the roof. The structural assessment found that the roof will not be safe by 25% if the HVAC unit will be installed on the roof (25% over stressed than allowable design values). The roof trusses are wood steel open web trusses with steel tube sections as vertical web members and wooden upper and lower horizontal chords held together by pins. An Engineering solution was provided to owner to support the roof trusses carrying the HVAC unit.

Supporting an open web roof truss of a commercial unit

Roof Open web wood steel truss with pins We have provided a design modification for a roof of a commercial building in south east of Calgary. The roof span consists nearly 50 feet span that is supported by open web wooden steel trusses with pin joints connecting the steel vertical tubes to the wood upper and bottom chords of trusses. The roof is suppose to carry a new heavy high volume air conditioner unit (HVAC) that can not be carried by the old roof trusses.

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