Our Vision

Provide high quality ethical engineering services that our clients really needs while considering the public welfare. We are proud of our work and is done right from the first time. AERZ consulting Inc. aim to increase our repeat business and share of the market.

Our Story

Our founder started as a consulting engineer. After gaining tremendous knowledge and experience working for different industries, he sew a chance in providing solutions for more customers after the 2014 downturn in Alberta, Canada.  

Meet the Team

We are team players who protect the public and keep the customer’s interests as our main objective. We strive to exceed our customers expectations. We care about our work and we are proud of it. 

Founder engineering director

Ashraf Zaghloul

Founder & Engineering Director Energetic skillful engineer and positive thinker

Our methodology

We provide high quality engineering that is based on deep relation of understanding our clients needs and their future benefit with mutual respect. Your work is not just a number as the case for our competitors. We believe in quality and not quantity. We work on understanding our client project needs unlike some of our competitors, we don not rush with work and we do not cut corners. Your work is our work and is not just a number or statistics. We are proud and care about our work that is to stand for lifetime. We are glad to serve our Calgary greater Area community. We give priority to our current customers over new prospective business. Call us today and come one of our important clients at 403-708-3275 or by emailing to: Ashraf@AERZcivStrConsulting.ca

Next Steps…

request today a quote or if you wish to inquire about our services or approach to solve your needs. Call us today on 403-708-3275 or email us at info@AERZcivStrConsulting.ca      Request our services