This page is still under construction. Will answer here all Frequently asked questions that concern you.

Do yo inspect privately owned houses?

Yes we do for general pubic plus for construction contractors and builders or architectural engineers.

What do you require to do house inspection?

Its preferable that you have house drawings plans and blue prints and building to be unfinished so we can have access to structural elements. This can save a lot of time and effort and will minimize the need for removing of walls and ceiling finishing material. If not we try to limit the removal of walls and ceilings cover ups and obtain enough information for the investigation or assessments.

Do you inspect the exterior surfaces and finishing surfaces of buildings?

No, we do not have building envelope staff for architectural inspection but we consider any deficiencies in the building envelope or grading and sidewalks around buildings. Your construction contractor or home inspector or building envelope engineer can help you with regard to these issues.

Do you provide assessment for removal of bearing walls?

Certainly we do and we check as well if the walls are shear walls that are used to resist (lateral loads on building) wind and earthquake loads. At least one side of the wall have to be removed in order to do assessment. We provide beam and post solutions suited case by case bases. In case other sides of walls or ceilings that need to be removed to check other structural elements; we try to limit  affected areas, with minimum impacts.