Structural engineering for new door opening for commercial building at Foothills, Alberta

AERZ civil structural consulting Inc. had provided structural engineering services for one of our clients at Foothills of Alberta. The services included providing structural engineering for new door opening and strengthening of opening and affected structural members in the wall.

The structural services included the effect of cutting of existing girts, adding new vertical secondary members, strengthening of old cold formed steel that consists of Z-sections with steel plates and self drilling screws appropriately to overcome increase in wind loads on them and additional steel of the opening and steel door.

The main work made sure that the building and its secondary members would not be affected negatively or loose strength against existing wind loads or at different design load cases. The girts are strengthened against shear and bending forces.

AERZ Civil Structural Consulting Inc. provides High quality structural engineering at Calgary Greater Area in Alberta. We can also provide structural consulting engineering services for clients in other Canadian provinces. For more information visit our company pages at the end of the article below the engineering drawing.

Attached below is the engineering drawing for strengthening of existing girts and new steel members.

Structural engineering-door opening-Foothills_small

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