Assessment condition and repair recommendations of retaining wall at Town of Turner Valley

grouting tubes for retaining wall

1      What was the assessment of retaining wall by AERZ civil structural consulting Inc. about?

AERZ Civil Structural Consulting Inc.  has performed assessment and repair recommendations and assessment of a non engineered reinforced concrete retaining wall supporting a house driveway ramp and stairs at town of Turner Valley, Alberta at south of city of Calgary at summers of 2019 and 2020. We attended and assessed repairs of the reinforced concrete retaining walls.

The retaining wall had some settlement and flexural cracks, and its bottom was not stable in sliding. We provided recommendations and repair options for repair of the retaining wall settlement and sliding. The final repair was done by using grouting behind and under the wall. The repair satisfied the requirements of Town of Turner Valley and ABERTA BUILDING CODE 2019. Our client was issued the property report that he needed from Town of Turner Valley.

Our Professional Engineer Ashraf Zaghloul was responsible of the projects and preparing of required reports and assessments.

2      How AERZ civil structural consulting can help you with your project repairs and assessments?

AERZ civil structural consulting Inc. perform high quality assessments and engineering for retaining walls and foundations and provide repair recommendations if needed and is available for repairs and construction support of your foundations and retaining walls.

Please call use at (403)708-3275 to discuss your concerns and requirements about your foundations and retaining walls. You can also email us at with your photos, drawings plans and sketches or related documents for your residential or commercial property. We specialize in aluminum, concrete, masonry, steel and wood structures and their foundations. AERZ civil structural consulting team will be happy to assist you with your needs for your next project.